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Simi Tanna LOVES cake smash shoots!

Adorable toddlers, cute outfits and cake - what's not to love?  They're so much fun!

Her passion, dedication and prolific portfolio of work has earned her the nickname, 

The Cake Smash Queen!


Simi is an experienced, contemporary photographer who has a passion for capturing striking, emotive moments.  She has over a decade's international experience and is widely recognized as one of the leading professional photographers in the UAE and a specialist in cake smash photography.  Born and educated in London, Simi originally studied law and was called to the Bar before following her passion for photography.

Simi doesn't take a "cookie cutter" approach to her work and one size definitely does not fit all!  She works in partnership with her clients to form a relationship and deliver a shared vision, often exceeding their expectations.

Chemistry and collaboration are also very important to her and we understand that
The Cake Smash Queen may not always 
be the right fit for you (or vice versa).


If Simi's philosophy strikes a chord with you, please do get in touch and she will do her

very best to help you.

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